Friday, September 10, 2010

Unrelated - Speed Bumps of the Future: Creepy Optical Illusion Children
just read this.. and let me know what you think.
It made me think about how well these would work, unless you drive past it frequently and ignore it. Then suddenly a real kid appears... then your fucked.

A nifty idea anywho.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AMD 6000 series

F yeah, early leaks of the 6xxx series GPU's by AMD? yes please.

This is the 6700, which will be the low-midrange card (somewhat similar 5750/5770 in pricing, but far better in performance). The card is pretty similar to the 5000 series visually. Check its 5 video outputs tho. No info on its specs tho.

This it the 6350, the real low end (or HTPC, whatever way you look at it) card. Its been confimed by chiphell to get around 1.7k P in vantage, pretty decent for a low end card.
I didnt link to chip hell incase you guys didnt have a registered account or read chinese, so i linked to VRzone instead.
link here


what has the world come to...
A computer manufacturer (and a small one at that), Origin PC has combined a personal computer with a xbox 360 to create a sweet looking and very powerfull rig.

The BIG O works by actually incorporating a 360 into the chassis itself, (rather than using the computers components to run the system, which would have so many drawbacks with compatability) and allows gamers to just have this BEEFY pc and play both xbox and pc games. A good idea for portability, especially if you go to a lan and suddenly peoples computers break; crank out the 360 controllers and have a TDM on GOW2 :P

Great stuff.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"bulldozer" 8 core AMD CPU


"Seven years have passed since AMD first launched its K8 “Hammer” microarchitecture, which was updated three years ago by K10. Brand new, the Athlon 64 processors based on K8 kicked ass and took names, flying past Intel’s Pentium 4 processors to become enthusiast favorites.

This development, along with a shift to 32 nm SOI manufacturing, is leading AMD to estimate a 33% increase in core count and a 50% increase in throughput (suggesting significant IPC gains) in the same power envelope as Magny-Cours-based Opteron processors. The projections here are based on simulated comparisons between today’s 12-core Opteron 6100-series chips and upcoming 16-core Bulldozer-based models, currently code-named Interlagos." - Tomshardware

Its estimated the price will be around the mid-high end, and expect massive price drops from both the amd and intel courts when these badass douche-bags are released, absolutely curbstomping last gen cpus causing them to be unwanted and sold off asap.

Prepare your anus, guise.

Monday, September 6, 2010

eVGA Classified SR-2 review with Quad SLI GTX 480 on LN2

Hey bloggers... got a sweet piece of news for yall :P. Here is the EVGA Classified SR-2, purely designed for overclockers and those who want extreme performance regardless of any cost. In this review, it will be run under LN2, with 4 (!!!!!!!) GTX 480s.

Here's a photo of the dual socket board, and let's start up this massive, seriously massive experience with dual six-core processors clocked over 5 GHz, quad GTX 480 SLI (each over-volted and clocked to 1050 MHz). Yes im serious, 5ghz per 6core, with 4x GTX 480's. Check this out, yo.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cooler Master V6 GT review

Final words and conclusion

Alright, let's wrap thing up. In its bare essence the V6 GT is a pretty nice looking cooler. Many other reviews actually conclude this cooler to be some seriously hot stuff, praising it into heaven. There are however a number of negatives that somehow other reviewers seem to leave out.
First off, the mounting system is just dreadful. You need a handful of components to mount the cooler making it the most user-unfriendly cooler I have ever seated onto a motherboard. The motherboard will need to come out 100% as you'll be flipping and tossing it around to get the mounting brackets secured. With two hands this is a near impossible job, two persons for installtion are recommended, yep. Seriously, we have seen this more often with Cooler Master cooling mounts, with some models being the worst designs in the business when it comes to an innovative workable mounting solution for the end-user. I really dislike the installation process of this cooler and just wonder why a company who makes excellence in all its ways continuously messes up the cooling mounts.
Then there is noise. The amount of noise the fans create when the CPU starts to heat up is rather high. With the CPU at default and the motherboard automatically regulating FAN RPM we reached roughly 47~48 dBA, and to translate that into understandable terms, that's as loud as a GeForce GTX 480 fully stressed. Now, in idle the fan rotation will go down, but it remains at a noise level that I find somewhat atrocious. My tip: To compensate for the noise levels use a fan controller or set your BIOS at, say, 50% RPM maximum. Only then will the noise levels calm down, at the cost of some performance of course.
Design wise we also have to admit that Cooler Master did some funky stuff with the two fans, V-shaped heatpipe array and the LED on top of the cooler. It would have been nice to see some sort of fan-control function applied to that button/LED combo though, as that is really what I feel to be lacking on this product. I mean, it is competing with the more expensive 10X series from Zalman, which are cheaper, perform roughly equal and are more silent and come with a controller on the top of the line models.
Performance wise we see decent cooling performance. You should not be afraid to overclock your processor, as the V6 GT will keep the temperatures at acceptable levels witha lot of capacity. But here as well, for a two fan cooler I expected a tiny bit more bite out of the design. So overall we feel the V6 GT is a nice cooler with decent performance levels. The design and looks are great but we do feel that the noise levels are rather excessive for a product in this price range, but you can tweak that out by lowering RPM levels manually.
The Cooler Master V6 GT is currently selling for roughly 55 EUR / 65 USD.

sandy bridge

A real eye catcher.
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